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When I was gearing up to start posting about my 30th birthday celebration, one of my friends from high school, Erica, posted a video on facebook & YouTube of something she did for her own upcoming 30th birthday in December. She went skydiving for the first time! The video is pretty kickass, and my props go out to her for even trying it. Who knows, if I lose enough weight, maybe that will be one of the 30 Adventures come next fall. 🙂

Has anyone out there have any stories of special things they did for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc? I would love to hear about them.


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Yesterday I delved a bit into some details regarding my trip to Walk Disney World in January to kick off my 30 Adventures with 30 Friends 30th Birthday Celebration. Today, I share some more reasons why I’ll enjoy the trip.

~ Splash Mountain

When Stephen and I went to WDW in both 2008 and 2010, the ride was closed for refurbishment. No word yet on if it will be out of commission this time around. I sure hope not. it really is an awesome ride.

~ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Granted, this is technically in Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. However, I am not going to pass up the opportunity to delve into a world that has enthralled me for almost a decade. Since we will be down there long along, plans are to visit both Universal parks. Never been to IoA, and the regular Universal Studios a long long time ago. Looking forward to seeing what they have done with the place.

~ WDW Soap

Don’t know the exact reason why, but this is probably the best soap I have ever used. If for nothing else, the smell is amazing.

~ Toy Story Mania

When we went to WDW this past January, this was a brand new attraction to us. And, let me tell you, it is one of the best. Located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this 3D ride lets you plays carnival games hosted by the Toy Story franchise characters, all the while whizzing around on a track. We played three times straight. We would have played more, but the rides tires out your firing arm.

~ Expedition Everest

Probably one of the most awesome roller coasters that I have ever been on. Granted, it does not go upside down, but it does go backwards in the dark. It is def not to be missed!

“That’s funny, there doesn’t seem to be any track!”

~ Spirit of Aloha Luau

When we were at WDW this past January, it was so cold down there that one day it was actually SNOWING in Orlando. Seriously. So, it was understandable that the luau that we were scheduled to go to, which is outside, was cancelled. We have reservations again for this time around. Hopefully we can get there this time.

~ Disney Popcorn

THE BEST POPCORN EVER! Period. End of story…. move along. Yes, you. Move it.

~ Test Track

This is an awesome thrill ride in Epcot. The only thing that would make it better was if we didn’t have to sit thru the intro video. Ugh!

Well, that’s enough sharing for today. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna share what one of my high school friends did for her 30th birthday.

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So, this is a WONDERFUL way to start my 30th birthday year than to the place I could vacation at many times a year… Walt Disney World! Those of you who know me, or have ever met me, or heard about me, probably know that I am a HUGE Disney fanatic. It probably started before this, but my first trip to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT in January, 1985 sealed the deal.

Since then, I have been back there about a dozen times. So, when I was thinking about some top adventures I wanted to take, Disney was at the top of the list. It never gets old. Luckily, my brother had the idea of going also to celebrate his graduation from Alfred University, so we are working at splitting the costs.

Right now, it is myself, my brother, Stephen, and his girlfriend, Ashley, going. We have invited my cousin Elsbeth to come with us. Hopefully she will be joining us. Since another cousin, Rickey, is down in Orlando at college, we hope he can join us at the parks for a day or two. In addition, a former coworker, Teresa, will be down there at the same time. Looking forward to maybe grabbing dinner with her and her boyfriend.

So, we will be driving. Why? It’s cheaper, especially for three or four people. Also, it harks to those family road trips I took with my family growing up. My first two trips, in 1985 and 1988, were by car. The rest, up until now, were by plane. Faster, most def. Cheaper, very much so. Also, we can swing by South of the Border on the way down. Sooooo very cheesy, but so much fun.

Most of the time I stayed somewhere on the Disney property. This time around, we will be trying a new resort: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter. Looks like a fun place, theme taken from Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

One of the reasons that I’m stoked about going this time of the year? I will still be able to see probably the BEST display of Christmas lights EVER: The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

More tomorrow.

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Adventure: Turtle Back Zoo, West Orange, NJ

Why: When I was a kid, my mom’s parents took my brother and I a few times to the Turtle Back Zoo. This smallish zoo, located in West Orange, NJ, was voted the #1 zoo in NJ by NJ Monthly. I honestly don’t know how it truly compares to Space Farms, but I do remember enjoying being there. I especially remember wanting to adopt a chinchilla. Don’t remember exactly why… maybe because they are so cute. I didn’t, however, cause it wasn’t my money I was gonna be spending. BOO!

When: Plans are to go back to this zoo in the late spring/ early summer.

Who With: Who knows? if anyone is interested, let me know.

Details: Probably gonna finally adopt that chinchilla. 🙂

This weekend… beginning details on Walt Disney World…. WOOT WOOT!

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Ok, time to move on to Personal Goal / Challenge #2:

Read the Bible

Yes, cover to cover. No, not all in one sitting, but throughout 2011. Which version? Hell if I know (wait… can I use the word Hell while talking about the Bible? I guess I can, since it is in the Bible). I do have a bible given to me when I was pretty young…. let me go get it…

The New American Bible: Saint Joseph Edition

Yeah, it’s old. it has both my phone number in it from the old house in Greenville and my parents’ current house in Ridgebury. I believe I took this bible with me when I was going to Scout Camp all those years. In total, this bible has 1511 pages…. which would average out to 30 pages a week. That should be doable.

“Why?” some of you may ask. I will be the first to admit that I am not a very religious person. I do say grace when I am at my mother’s dinner table, but that is because I respect her and her beliefs. She is very religious. I cannot fault her for that. I was raised very Roman Catholic. I was an alter server when I was young. I attended CCD classes. I received my Communion and Confirmation (my Confirmation Saint’s name is Patrick). I completed the Catholic religious medals done thru Scouting. I have nothing against what I did. I think it has shaped me to be a kind and caring adult. However, I just didn’t feel like the Church was a spot for me to be. No offense to my mother or any other Catholics, but the repetition of each and every Sunday sometimes felt cult-like. That, and these days kinda creepy.

(NOTE: When I was an alter server, for two different priests, nothing at all happened like that. To think that stuff like that happened to kids that age is just disgusting to think about.)

Anyways, I do believe that their is a higher being. Quantum Leap put it best: “God, time, fate, or whatever”. I do not know if it is God, gods, aliens, a fanatic cat lady, Darth Vader, the Wizard of Oz, or a turtle named Moe. But there is something out there.

I am reading the Bible because it is the most published book ever. It is in so many languages and versions it is not even funny. There must be something to it if it has been around for all these years. Who knows… maybe I will have a different outlook on life once I read it.

Tomorrow: A deeper look at one of my upcoming adventures… the Turtle Back Zoo!

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In addition to wanting to go on adventures with my friends, I have developed some personal goals for myself for 2011. Some have already started and will continue into 2011, and others will be done during 2011. Even though they aren’t considered “adventures”, being that I will be doing them by myself and for myself, I feel that they are just as important and wanted to share them with you.

Today I share Personal Goal / Challenge #1:

Lose Weight
Those of you who know me know that I have had a weight issue for the majority of my life. I come from a family of large people. Metabolism must suck or something. However, I wanted to enjoy my 30th birthday year to its fullest, and hopefully be around this world for over another 30 more. So, since the middle of August, I have been working at trying to become more healthy.

The first thing I did was start walking. I try to get at least 30 minutes in a day, which, for me, is roughly 1.5 miles. Some days I get more in, like 2 to 3 miles. There are days that time, weather, mood, etc. get the best of me and I do not get my walk in. However, I can’t let that become a habit and kick myself hard the next day for letting it happen.

Next, I went to the doctor’s. Yeah, shocker, isn’t it? I have not been to the doctor in almost a decade, and that was only because I was forced to by the college. I do not like doctors, probably mainly because I know what they are going to say about my health and that I need to change. I didn’t want to hear it in the past. However, now that I have embraced trying to change, I found the experience pretty good. My parents’ doctor, Dr. Tolis, was very nice and supportive about me trying to get healthier. My blood tests showed a slightly high cholesterol level, but other than that, things aren’t bad at all. i just have to work at it now so things do not get worse.

Last came the diet, which begun exactly 100 days before I would be driving down to Walt Disney World in January. In consultation with Dr. Tolis, he mentioned a diet high in protein and fat and low on carbs. I tried “my approach” to the Atkins Diet years ago. It was somewhat successful, but I realized I was doing it totally wrong. I decided to retry this diet now, following the program more closely. And it has so far been working. I have a LONG way to go, but it is a start.

I shall share #2 tomorrow…. it’s time to get my God on!

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Well, here is where I will post the list of the 30 Adventures I am planning on doing thru 2011 with my friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. Granted, some things will change here or there depending on time, money, and friends’ schedules, since non of the adventures will be done by myself. I will go into length about them later, this is just a list.

30 Adventures with 30 Friends

1. Walt Disney World (January 3-11, 2011)
2. Savannah, GA (January 11, 2011)
3. NYCC 2011 (October 14-16, 2011)
4. Lake Placid, NY (Winter/Spring Trip)
5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
6. Niagra Falls, NY & Niagra Falls, Canada
7. Orange Classic 5K / 10K
8. Puppetry (Spring 2011)
9. Turtle Back Zoo
10. Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC
11. Aerobatic Plane Ride
12. New Year’s Eve 2011 @ Times Square, NYC
13. Opening Night of a Broadway Show (looking at hopefully Wonderland the Musical)
14. Act/Sing in a local community/college production
15. Mine for “Herkemer Diamonds” in Herkemer, NY
16. Memphis, TN Road Trip
17. Crabbing at Tom’s River, NJ / Seaside Heights, NJ
18. Groundhog Day with Punxsutawney Phil (January 31 – February 2, 2011)
19. Halloween in Salem, MA
20. Day in NYC on the day before Thanksgiving, including Central Park Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, and the blowing up of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

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